The Fall - Last Days of Gaia is a stunning 3D role-playing game set in a postmodern scenario that

 takesyou to the year 2083. The Fall is greatly influenced by the Fallout series (hence the name)

nd postapocalyptic films such as Mad Max and Metalstorm . The game lets you and your team of up

 to sixfight in a post-apocalyptic environment using tons of weapons and vehicles. In the game, a

 global catastrophealmost wipes mankind from the face of the earth and you must survive in an

 inhospitable world. Violent gangscontrol society and club law is the only kind that counts. The Fall

- The Last Days of Gaia is a computer role-playing game (CRPG) being developed by Silver Style

 Entertainment. More specifically, it is a non-linear, open-ended party-based CRPG set in a

 post-apocalyptic scenario.


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 Official Trailer of the post-apocalyptic game

"The Fall - last Days of Gaia"

Song: "The Fall" by Darkseed


It is your task to support an organization that calls itself "Government of the New Order." In a world of

chaos this seems to be the only comforting option, especially since this government provides its

citizens with water, food and weapons. And that's all mercenaries can expect these days. Assemble

a band of soldiers of up to six characters and equip your team with more than 300 different weapons

and armor. Finally, enforce your place in this new world, where no one yet knows the meaning of the

word "mercy".



What happened so far.  In the year 2062, humanity is spinning out of control as the lines between the

living and breathing are becoming crossed with the technologically powered. Rapid scientific

development and major breakthroughs in research are commonplace, no longer reason enough to

provoke a critique of mankind's morality and ethos. The first viable human clones have reached

adulthood, and genetic modifications have overcome most kinds of cancer. New technological

masterstrokes like the impending colonization of Mars are received with equanimity. The human

race has grown comfortable in its role as a cue ball of its own urge to revolutionize. Nobody

would have thought that this venture into a new world would herald the downfall of the old.



 The-Fall gameplay



January 21, 2062: NASA lifts the veil on its plans to colonize Mars by announcing the construction of

six Terraformers. The purpose of these colossal machines is to make the red planet inhabitable by

rapidly pumping CO2 into its atmosphere. What NASA doesn't realize is that the projects fate is

doomed at the outset and that the ambition to bring life to Mars is actually a Damocles sword that

hangs over the heads of the brightest researchers behind the forward-thinking technology.



October 2, 2062: Eleven days before the planned Launch of Armstrong 1, which is to transport the

six Terraformers to Mars, shocking news flashes across the ticker: Members of an extremist cult

have seized control of the machines. They effectively thwart the entire NASA security system with

threats of cyber terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, and the whole world is at their mercy.

Diplomats hold their breath as the fanatics threaten to activate the Terraformers here on earth...

Given the chance, they will surely have their political demands fulfilled. But for some inexplicable

reason, the Terraformers begin to pump vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere during the






Maybe its simply a technical failure; maybe the leaders of the sect have decided

that there is too much talking and not enough action. The reason is of little importance since the

aftermath is what civilization must now sort out. Shortly after the catastrophe, the terrorists are

eliminated and the Terraformers recovered, however, so much CO2 has penetrated the atmosphere

that the earth will need centuries to recover. Experts initially estimate that the global temperature will

rise by four degrees centigrade. That number eventually comes to be 10.5-degree increase.


Hurricanes of unimaginable power sweep away major cities, and ice melt from the poles deluges

the cites. New strains of diseases shroud the earth like a dark cloak. The survivors find themselves

warring with each other for the last pure sources of drinking water. Today, 21 years later, mankind

lives in the age of the dry storms. Mother nature still takes furious revenge and whips burning hot

gales across the parched earth with hurricane-force blasts.



 The Fall Last Days of Gaia Theme Song


Ecosystems have been ripped apart and clean food and water are scarce. The only abundant

element that remains is sand. People are doomed to a life in a barren land that sees perpetual fear

and death. Most would say that it is futile to have hope in a situation where prosperity was buried

under mountains of mud decades ago. But reports about the rise of a new government and the

presidential nomination of a man in the Southwest of the US seem to be bright spots on the horizon.


What happened to you... As a child, you witnessed the catastrophe of 2062. Your memories of

happier times are faint at best. Your family was among the few survivors who were able to build a

new life after the cataclysm, but recently even this fragile good fortune turned to misery. While you

were out in the Wastelands, one of the local gangs attacked your village. You returned to find nothing

but ash, debris... and death. It took you four long days to bury the dead, including your mother. Your

father and your sister Anie disappeared. You don't know if they still live.


Since that day a single purpose has occupied your thoughts: revenge! You don't know how to find the

savages who murdered your family, nor how to fight them once you do; but there is no doubt in your

mind that your friends and family will be avenged. It won't be easy as you are on your own and the

gangs are a dominant force throughout the area.


Lately you have begun to hear stories about a new government taking shape in the Southwest. It is

even rumored that some guy is calling himself the President! He is allegedly seeking to build an

army of mercenaries to establish and maintain order and stability in the region. Suddenly, destiny

seems to be on your side. As a member of the new government's mercenary team, you can fight the local gangs and perhaps find the murderers who killed your family. The thought of revenge drives

you to action, and so it happens that one morning you find yourself at the gates of the new



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